A Sweat Equity Project: Andersen Narroline Window Conversion Kits

Narroline Sash Conversion Kit – Andersen Windows

For many homeowners, budgets are often the biggest challenge: they have castle dreams and a cottage budget.

Cutting corners is one option, or sometimes the homeowner is handy enough to take on some of the labor for tasks like demolition to build a little “sweat equity” into the project. For projects that include window replacement, using the Narroline Window Conversion Kit where applicable might be just the budget savior you were looking for.

1. What is the Narroline Sash Conversion Kit and what does it do
2. How to install the Narroline Sash Conversion kit
3. Benefits of the Narroline Sash Conversion kit
4. Customer reviews of the Narroline Sash Conversion kit
5. Comparisons between the Narroline Sash Conversion kit and other window conversion kits on the market
6. Where to buy the Narroline Sash Conversion kit

The last full-frame Andersen® Narroline® double-hung window rolled off the production line in January 2013, concluding a 50 year run where 50 million Andersen Narroline window units were installed in homes across the United States and abroad. That means there’s a good chance your customer’s home may have them. Full-frame production may have come to a halt, but Andersen continues to manufacture Narroline® window conversion kits, which feature Andersen 400 Series tilt-wash sash.

Andersen Windows makes a window conversion kit that can quickly replace older Andersen Narroline windows with far more energy-efficient windows.

Andersen Narroline Sash Conversion Kit

These kits provide the ability for us to upgrade your existing Andersen Narroline windows to new technology without disturbing the frame or interior and exterior trim. It’s a relatively simple, cost-effective change-out that provides a good ROI and may lead to other remodeling work as well.

Kits include two window sash (upper and lower) with standard, energy efficient Low-E4® glass, left and right jamb assemblies and other components for the conversion. In addition, the new sash have the added tilting feature for easy cleaning.

Look carefully before taking out that aging Andersen window. It may be a candidate for a Narroline Conversion Kit.  Why spend all that extra money on full frame replacement windows when you can preserve original windows you already have.